Cory Baker, Website Designer

I am an actor. I have been in several plays since I started two years ago. I started in February of 2010 on a whim. My mother told me that Curtain Players Theater in Galena was having an audition on a particular Saturday. As it is a community theater, the doors are open to anyone and everyone. I got there early and helped with the set building for the play that was starting in a few weeks (Hedda Gabler) and stayed afterward to possibly give auditions a go. 

The time crept up slowly, and at 6:30 I went up and obtained my audition form. I took it back to my seat and sat there for a few moments, mortified. What was I doing?! I had never been on stage before in that regard. I had never acted in front of people. What was I thinking? I sat there for a few moments, wondering if I was going to start putting my information down, when it suddenly hit me: I have an opportunity here to avoid a regret. It was that simple. If I hand this in and try out, I don't ever have to wonder what I missed, or if I could do it. I did it. And loved it!

 I didn't get cast in this first audition ever (1000 Clowns) but built some long lasting relationships with many good people. I ended up being invited to as many of the rehearsals as I wanted, and then got asked to do sound design and run the sound board for this show. 

Because of me trying out that first time, I have been fortunate enough to be involved with every play at Curtain Players since Hedda Gabler (sixteen so far!) in one way or another. I enjoy so many different "roles" in these productions including acting, sound, lights, sound design, lighting design, set design, construction, stage managing, directors assistant, casting. I have been in shows where I have a few brief lines to one show where I played 8 unique characters ranging in age from 5-50. 

I have enjoyed this so very much so far. I took a chance on something that interested me. Even though it scared me to death, I took the leap. And I no longer have to wonder about what that regret would feel like.

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