Brian A. Palmer, Editor in Chief

Welcome to Palmer Grove. Within this site you will find the beginning of what promises to become a large, intimate community. This site represents a place where aspiring writers, journalists, artists, photographers, and enthusiasts can congregate in an atmosphere of acceptance and understanding. It is here that we have the opportunity to put our hidden talents on display and test out new and experimental works. 

The fact that the staff of Palmer Grove has chosen to release its premier issue on Independence Day is no coincidence. We have specifically chosen this date as a metaphor for what we hope to achieve. Our primary mission is to declare independence from what is expected and accepted in modern periodicals. Within our features you will not find any propagation of the mainstream. Instead, you will find common people expressing their interest in 
very uncommon ways. 

 This expression is not limited to this publication. Throughout our website you will find expanded content for all that is included in the current issue. As time progress, we will be adding discussion forums where you can communicate directly with the authors and artists featured within the magazine, video interviews and instructional, pages where you can get to know the staff and communicate directly with them, and much, much more.
 As we continue through this summer and enjoy our vacations and holidays, let us also maintain our focus on the everyday areas of our lives. Each day find a little time where you can try out new hobbies or venture deeper into ones you already enjoy. Keep your childlike wonder a part of all that you take joy in. It is in these moments that we most experience joy, contentment, and fulfillment.   
 Over the next few months, Palmer Grove will begin to compile our Holiday Issue. As we do so, we need your help. We need you to help spread the word about Palmer Grove and this community. We need more artists and writers to 
bring their work to the table. If you or someone you know has anything that they would like to contribute, visit to submit it for inclusion in the next issue. Also, visit the site each week for updates from the Palmer Grove staff on the current issue, upcoming events, and other goings on.
 Thank you for choosing to be a part of this momentous journey and we welcome you to the Palmer Grove community.

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