Welcome Update #7


Brian A. Palmer, Editor in Chief

We are officially one week from the premier of Palmer Grove. I am more excited than I could ever begin to express. However, with this excitement comes a healthy dose of fear and apprehension. I have never been much of a risk taker. I so not like rollercoasters. I will never skydive or bungee jump. The mere idea of gambling makes my head spin. The riskiest thing that I have ever done is to drive through a yellow light. Still, here we are.

 I have heard it said that the most rewarding things in life come with great risk. The biggest return in the stock market will always come from more risky investments. Recently I have also heard that this endeavor is fruitless and a waste of time. That my focus is misplaced in a venture that provides no immediate monetary gain.

 Normally this would be enough to cripple  me and give me reason to retreat into my comfort zone and to continue to play things safe. Not this time. I can see that this is more than a magazine. The staff of Palmer Grove are working to help create a community of writers, poets, artists, photographers, and enthusiasts that draw together to share with and be inspired by one another. One day this community will grow and help to provide ways for the next generation to change the ways that we approach literature and art.

 This is why we are here. This is why we volunteer our time and our talents. This is why we are sacrificing some time with our loved ones. This is why I am daily forcing myself out of my comfort zone, ignoring the nay-Sayers, and taking the biggest risk of my life.

 This is for us.

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