Welcome Update #67


Carri Bonner, Editorial Director

First and foremost, let me say I love Palmer Grove. I do; I love what we do and while we’re still improving how we do it, I love how we do it. However, lately, I find myself questioning why I bother. Perhaps it’s a case of the blahs, perhaps it’s the weather, but lately I feel like no one is reading it, and if they are, they certainly aren’t commenting on it or giving any kind of response about it.

I feel like I’ve put a ton of my time, my energy, and my creativeness into writing something that even some members of my own family don’t read.  I feel like we have so much talent that we want to bring to the world and no one is truly seeing it. I feel like we have such hopes and dreams for it, yet maybe they’ll never be realized. 

I know this is a negative update from me, however, after a lot of thought, I decided to write it anyway. If you read Palmer Grove and enjoy it, let us know why. If you read Palmer Grove and don’t enjoy it, we want to know why as well. For us to grow, and for us to know we’re not doing this in vain, we have to get some kind of feedback. Good or bad, we have to know what our readers are thinking and why they think that way. 

Who knows … maybe writing this will inspire a few to let us know what they think. But sadly, I have the odd feeling only a handful of people will read this. 

Peace out, 

Tina Palmer
09/24/2012 22:00

Since you love it, be encouraged and keep giving it what you are and more as you grow. I subscribe to several print magazines and I don’t always read them as soon as they arrive. On occasion it is after the next one comes in the mail. With that said though, I love the magazines and do finally get around to reading them. I would be very disappointed if they stopped publication.
Palmer Grove, the magazine you work so hard on, is enjoyed by myself and many others. It is so varied in topic that there is something for everyone.  

Julie Spicer
11/12/2012 22:52

I agree with you Tina! I enjoy reading every publication. With our busy lives it is easy to read and go on with no feedback. I thought I would take the time,this time to let all of you on staff at Palmer grove that this is a wonderful publication. I enjoy each and every issue!! 


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