Welcome Update #64


John Maguire, Photographic Designer

Ever since I was a young lad I’ve wanted to have a super sweet nickname, but alas it was not to be. The only one I’ve had bestowed upon me is from Palmer Grove… the unfortunate “Hipster John.” Don’t get me wrong I’m flattered they have given me a nickname, but I feel that it fails to capture my true essence. I’m a swashbuckling rogue! I play by my own rules, but by Jove I get the job done.

After much soul searching and action movie viewing I came up with a new, more fitting nickname… Rebel McFearless. This new nickname proposal was met with less enthusiasm than I had hoped. I was told such a change could only come after riding a motorcycle to the next meeting while wearing a leather jacket and sporting a moustache. None of those things happened, but I have resolved to earn my nickname.

Don’t worry though. I’m easing into my new lifestyle by starting off small. I decided to start my dangerous life by occasionally leaving my shoes untied knowing full well that I could trip and fall at any moment. On top of that I’ve drank more than the recommended one alcoholic drink per day on multiple occasions, and just the other day I smoked a cigarette! (It may have been more like a half of one; okay it was just one drag)

Stay tuned for my latest Rebel McFearless exploits in my next update. 

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