Welcome Update #62


Kat Bonner, Editorial Assistant

So I have recently obtained a job at a gas station not far from my house. It's a very laid back and stress-free job. Everyone, employees and customers, is friendly, though I do have one ridiculous complaint.

I don't mind having to count through a baggie of sticky change from the floor boards of a car, or having to bag single packs of cigarettes. I don't even mind being a personal Mapquest and explaining directions several times to the same person, or having to punch in lotto ticket orders every few minutes when some guy with nothing better to do keeps playing them in the parking lot for an hour and a half.

What I do mind is when people have one penny as change, and they keep it. I know I do the same thing and it has no effect on my job at all, but it really bothers me for no real reason. I really do hate it. There is a take-a-penny dish right next to the register that people will pour change into, but yet one single lonely penny ends up in the mud-caked or impeccably ironed pocket of some guy that impatiently held out their hand for their change. I know that every penny counts when saving, but sometimes I imagine that penny jangling around in that pocket until it ends up in a washing machine to be picked out and pocketed by the next person to do laundry. In my brain, I imagine a vicious cycle that would end in a change jar with all the other saved pennies, if the penny got lucky.  Saving that one lonely penny is a sign I have too much free time in my own mind.

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