Carri Bonner, Editorial Director

I have put off doing the Weekly Update until the day it is due, again. Why? Why must I always procrastinate? It isn’t that I don’t care. I truly do. It isn’t that I don’t feel it’s important. I know it is important to touch base with our readers each week. It isn’t that I don’t have things to write about. I have TONS to write about. 

I could write about Ethan’s broken ankle and going through rehab with it while trying to maintain a spot on the high school football team. I could write about my youngest daughter maturing to a beautiful, smart, gracious young woman literally over the summer. I could write about my older daughter getting “slapped” in the face with adulthood, finally finding a job and getting ready to start college. 

I could write about the goals and dreams we’re setting for Generation Voices, our publications company. I could write about the personal goals I’m setting for Palmer Grove. 

I could write about politics and the combination of politics with religion that our society seems to be pushing even harder toward. I could write about Chick-Fil-A and all that brouhaha. 

I could write about the beginning of school, ending of summer and how that makes me feel. I could write about falling off my diet and gaining back 7 of the 30 pounds I’ve lost. I could write about the fall TV shows that have my attention. 

I could … I could … I could….  But I won’t. Instead I’ll simply wish everyone a happy week and remind you that summer is ending soon, celebrate the sun! Have a BBQ! Throw a Frisbee! Walk downtown, visit a garden. Enjoy the warmth; the cold will be here soon enough!


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