Welcome Update #60


Kyle Gordon, Graphic Designer

I moved back to Ohio almost a year ago for the birth of my son and so we could be close to family. Over the last couple months my wife and I have been struggling to find other reasons why we should stay in Ohio. Of course the obvious reasons are still there; family, Ohio State Football, etc. Still, we need more than that. My wife and I are both from Ohio and knew nothing of living in a different local. After living in Florida for two years and having the luxury of going outside and being active year-round, it is making it very difficult to want to stay in Ohio. 

Don’t get me wrong, the people of Ohio are one of a kind and it feels good to be around normal people. Floridians felt so superficial, but trying to come up with ideas of what can keep us busy over the next six months is proving to be very difficult. Aside from Buckeye football games and fairs/festivals, it seems like I should be preparing to hibernate until next April. 

This is why I am going to rely on you, the readers, to help me and my family out. We need great ideas to keep our active family preoccupied during the “Big Freeze” so we don’t think about life back in Florida so much. If you have any fun things to do or places to go, email your ideas to gordonk@palmergrove.com and hopefully you can come up with some great things to make us want to continue to live in the great state of Ohio. 

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