Welcome Update #6


Rebekah Slotterbeck, Artistic Director

Excitement is building over the first issue of Palmer Grove magazine. What was once a concept of artistry is now becoming a reality of expression! 

When we began this adventure, I was hesitant to be involved with the writing for the publication. This hesitation was not from lack of interest, but a fear of incompletion. Often, when I write or sketch, I feel as though I should be adding more or that something just isn’t turning out how I had envisioned. It becomes exhausting to stress over a creation, considering how others may interpret or misinterpret the concept. Even as I write this paragraph, I think,” Well, maybe I should…” but I must refrain from making changes and continue to write what is on my mind. 

I am inspired by fearless writers and hope to become more like them as we develop the magazine. It is my personal goal to push out of my comfort zone and open up to the community around me.

 Palmer Grove is giving me an opportunity to be free of insecurities and express my ideas, however complete or inconclusive they may be. Who knows, maybe a slight glimpse into a topic will lead way for someone else’s epiphany. 

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