Welcome Update #55


Rachel Flesch, Artistic Director

When you're a kid it seems like forever, but as an adult the phrase "time flies" takes on a literal meaning.

 In one month I'll be turning 25. I look back on the last year, and I can't believe how fast it's gone! If you'd asked me two years ago where I'd be today I wouldn't have said here. In fact I'd probably have said, "two years from now? Well most likely I'll still be stuck in retail, and I'll probably be in a higher position." Well none of that has happened, but I'm not complaining. Heck if you'd asked me seven years ago when I graduated high school I'd probably tell you I'd own my own graphic design firm by now!

 Changes are happening all around us, things we didn't see coming pop up all the time and that's what's great about life; it's full of surprises. They may not be the "SURPRISE! OMG, I SCARED YOU," type, but they're unexpected twists in the plot that can change the whole course of the story. They can lead to a new ending and unexpected subplots full of their own twists and turns. This past week alone has been full of things that make me say, “Wow." My "sister" just found out she's having a baby girl, making me an aunt for the first time! This is beyond exciting for me since I freakin love kids! My oldest cousin just graduated high school and I still can't stop looking at him as a little kid. A really good friend of mine just got married, and I also still see him as the awkward 12 year old boy I met ten years ago. It feels like the older I get the more rapidly time is moving. 

 As a teen I volunteered for a summer at the Columbus Public Library, I loved it! I was supposed to sign kids up for the reading program, but it was slow and being the diligent hard worker I am I asked if I could help in any other way. I got the opportunity to push around a cart and shelve books like an actual librarian. Do you know how excited this made my little nerd self? Go to a game store for a midnight release of a big MMORPG and look at the kid in line jumping around and fist pumping as they open the doors, now multiply that by 10 and you have me. The best part? I found so many books to read that summer. I actually checked out the entire Choose Your Own Adventure series, and read every possible ending. I loved those books, and looking back now I have an even greater appreciation for them. I like to look at my life as one of those books. For those who haven't read them you basically get to a point in the story where it gives you two or more options. You select one, turn to the coordinating page and either have a happy ending, or a bad ending. I like to think of the possible outcomes for my decisions, and even after it's been made I think "what if?"

 Treat life like the adventure it is, and remember to choose wisely because you can't always turn back the page and try again.

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