Welcome Update #54


John Maguire, Photographic Designer

I can still remember the first present I got for my dad on Father’s Day. I can’t remember how old I was or how I managed to procure it, but I can still picture my dad’s smile when he unwrapped a plastic bottle filled to the top with cheap plastic golf tees. With the amount of thanks I received you’d have thought I bought him a brand new watch. Although this happened almost 20 years ago, I know for a fact that bottle is still sitting in his office and that it still has the exact number of tees that it had all those years ago.  I know this because although my dad was extremely grateful for the gift he has never once played a game of golf in his life.

 Out of all the valuable things my dad has taught me over the years the one that sticks out the most is the value of a hard day’s work. I can remember him waking up at 5 A.M. to take me to hockey practice at the high school, then after dropping me off, he would go straight to work where he would remain until at least 7, finally after arriving at home he would oftentimes be out working on the yard or in the garage until 10 or 11. I’ve seen him go straight from his work clothes (he’s an attorney at Marathon) to coveralls getting ready to sand the bottom of a boat in a matter of minutes. 

From buying me my first bike, to taking me to Canada on his boat to buy hockey skates, to showing me how to properly work on my car my dad has been a huge influence on my life. I’m truly lucky to have him my life. 

Happy Father’s Day Dad. I love you.

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