Welcome Update #53


Kat Bonner, Staff Artist

Recently, I've been toying with the idea of attending one of the many open-mic poetry slams held in various coffee shops in Columbus and reading some of my work. I have never been published, not even submitting any of my creative writing to Palmer Grove, and I am absolutely mortified of speaking in front of a group greater than six people. Even close friends and family are still too large and unfamiliar an audience to read in front of. My stomach churns, my heart thunders in the back of my head making it hard to hear myself think, and, without fail, I cry. I always end up feeling humiliated and judged, so I avoid public speaking like the plague. However, despite my almost debilitating fear, I want to put myself out there at least once, to say I've done it and so I can never wonder what might have happened. This would be a goal that I could foreseeably spend my whole summer on achieving. While the idea of devoting a chunk of my time to getting over my fear of public speaking isn't new to me, I am still very cautious. I have never sat down and worked through entire project that wasn't for school or Palmer Grove. Unfortunate as it may be, I have never done something just for me because I wanted to. I have always given up too early. 

So, hopefully, by my next weekly page update, I will have some sort of plan, or I will have set my plan into action and submitted writing to Palmer Grove.

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