Carri Bonner, Editorial Director

I volunteered to write this Update for this week on this day because I thought it would come to me easily. I thought I would be able to express my joy and pride in my daughter eloquently and verbosely. 
Instead, I sit here a little stunned, very teary, and wondering where the time went. Eighteen years ago today, I brought this little tiny person into the world and wondered what I was going to do. How would I be a good mother? How would I teach her everything she needed to know? How would I raise her to be a strong, amazing woman? I marveled at her tiny fingers and toes, stroked her dark hair (before it fell out and turned blonde), and amazed at the light in her eyes. 
Now I sit here asking myself the same questions. Was I a good mother? Did I teach her everything she needed to know? Only the last question is one I have an answer to. I helped raise a strong, amazing young woman. I didn’t do it alone, but I did my best from my end. She is kind and while a little short-tempered like her mama, she never tries to intentionally hurt anyone and therefore does have her heart break when she is hurt. She is intelligent and quietly so. She offers opinions and thoughts, but doesn’t use hers to degrade others or over-ride someone else’s. She has confidence when she allows herself to, but isn’t cocky. People gravitate to her, to be near her, to listen to her. 
And when she smiles, she lights up the room. I cannot help but smile when she is smiling and I notice that others do as well. 
So today, June 3rd, she turns 18 and walks down the aisle to receive her high school diploma. She will walk with her usual grace, and I will sit in the audience blubbering like a baby. No longer do I have my little girl, but an amazing woman to share my life with. And I cannot wait to see where she will take us.

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