Welcome Update #51


Jeff Lafferty, Columnist

Memorial Day was established in 1868.  It was originally designed as a time for people to collectively remember soldiers that died in the Civil War.  It later became an established holiday by most of the states by 1890. 

The word memorial is mainly defined as “something, such as a monument or holiday, intended to celebrate or honor the memory of a person or an event.”   It’s important that we use this day to not only remember the people that have served our country but maybe to take some time to remember the people that have meant something to us at some point in our lives.  This could be a person that passed away that was important to you or it could be somebody that is currently in your life that could be experiencing a difficult time in their life.  It could be anything from marital issues to health issues.  We all have those special persons in our lives; mentors from their youth, teachers that they feel have made an impact in their lives.  It’s important to recognized and remember these individuals. 

I am a four time cancer survivor.  I recently delivered a speech at my local Relay for Life.  I wanted to make sure that I communicated to the people in attendance the importance that remembering these individuals. Acknowledging can be comforting, rewarding, and enlightening.  We all have that person that we have turned to in our life when times were not as glorious.  We have the person that we have confided our deepest secrets.  It’s those people that we should also remember this week for Memorial Day.  

Love, honor, and respect should be some of the values that are used this week to remember the people that have meant something to us.  Love the people that you are with and tell that person that you love them.  Honor the person that has meant something to you, whether it’s your parents, siblings, or mentor by living your life in the way that person either showed you or told you to live.  Always respect the people for the views that they have.  Some people aren’t going to agree with your views and how you look at the world but the world could be a better place if all people respected each other views rather than thinking that their way of thinking is better than somebody else’s way of thinking. 

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