Welcome Update #5


Carri Paolucci Bonner, Editorial Director

Our premier issue is three short weeks away! Appropriately, the issue theme is Independence. On a personal level, I have been finding my own freedom. 

 For years I have struggled to find my place in this world, in this society. I’ve always been a little too outspoken, a little too emotional, a little too dramatic, in a society that favors “the norm”. I’ve struggled for years to fit in and yet still hang on to what makes me unique. I’ve struggled to find a place where being me is ok. I’ve struggled to find a place to express who I am without offending, without drawing stares, without embarrassing my children. 

This year, my final year of my 30’s, I came to my own personal freedom. I’ve embraced the fact that I’m loud, sassy, brassy, and often politically incorrect. I’ve embraced the fact that I’m not the typical mother, the typical middle-age woman, the typical anything really. I vowed that by the time I turn 40 in October, I will have a better acceptance of myself and the freedom to embrace who I am in my entirety. 

So in turn, I embrace Palmer Grove. A magazine that takes it’s independence of “the norm” to every level. From our mixture of staff, to the mixture of submissions and art, we are independent from what people have come to expect in a magazine. We are independent of society’s views of what is “good” and “normal” and we embrace that every one of us has to find out path, our way, and express how we got there. 

Palmer Grove is the magazine to express those journeys, to express and celebrate our differences, to express strength in community based on acceptance and understanding as opposed to suggesting how one should change to fit in to a vision of what is “right”.  We declare our independence of feelings of inadequacies and never being “enough”. 

Palmer Grove gives everyone a right to their freedom. And I’ve never been more content and excited to be part of such a community!  I can’t wait to see what y’all think of our premier issue and look forward to your submissions in the future.

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