Kyle Gordon, Graphic Designer

This weekend will be the third time I have ever been turkey hunting down in Meigs County, Ohio. My anticipation is through the roof. All week long I have been going through all of my hunting things and packing what is necessary for the trip. At this point, I should probably identify myself and let the readers know I am not some sort of country bumpkin. I was born in raised in Columbus, Ohio, but I envy all who grew up in the country more than anything. 

This week has also been about reflections. I started to think about how I even decided to give hunting a “shot”(pun intended). My senior year of college, I had a roommate that was from the sticks down in Pomeroy, Ohio. Never been hunting before, I decided to accept the invite and from that point on I was addicted. Don’t ask me how if you have never been. Of course I got lucky and bagged my first deer, but that was only the beginning. My love for hunting grew each time I went down. 

There’s something about the peacefulness of sitting in the middle of nowhere in the woods and relaxing. Yes. I said it. Hunting is relaxing. Being from the city, I never really had a clue about how serene and quiet it could be in some places in the world. Lawnmowers, semi trucks, cars, trains and all kinds of noisy distractions had consumed my life before I started hunting. Now, more than ever I want to buy land someplace in Ohio and be so far away from the typical city sounds. While hunting, the only sounds I could hear were an occasional rooster crow when the sun was coming up and maybe a few squirrels running through the woods. I was completely stress-free. 

I have always been a very good sleeper, but the night before we go hunting I am unable to suppress my excitement. Compare it to the feeling of the night before you leave to go on a cruise or a vacation to your favorite spot. You’re lucky if you can even get a wink of sleep. So even if you’re not into killing for sport, at least go if you are given the opportunity. You may surprise yourself at how enjoyable it can be to just get away from the city and do a little bit of hiking to a special place that hasn’t been touched by humans for years.

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