Welcome Update #45


Kyle Gordon, Graphic Designer

In the past week I have done more physical labor than I have in the last five years. Having lived in apartments where everything is already done for you, it’s easy to forget things that you used to do to make a home look better. Out of sight, out of mind. No yard work to do. No maintenance to fix anything. If anything needs done, I have a number in my phone to call someone to have it done. 

This past week my father went to South Carolina for vacation and asked if we could look after the place. No problem. After two days of him being gone I realized that the grass wasn't going to cut itself. So, I hopped on the mower and finished mowing in a little over an hour. Immediately after seeing the end result of the yard, my veins pumped with a rushing feeling of accomplishment. I had developed a certain pride that can only come with being a home owner. 

I was hooked. I looked around and saw what else had to be done. Starting with a silver maple tree in our front yard. The tree's roots had started to grow underneath the house and was very close to damaging my father's home. I decided to take on the 40ft tree until it was completely gone. It took me nearly all week using only a hand saw, hatchet, and an axe. But by week's end, all that was left of the silent threat was a small stump. A feeling of completion and self worth had completely engulfed me and I was ready for whatever else needed to be done. 

Long story short, I once thought of how fortunate I was to have someone else to contact so I wouldn't have to do anything like this. But now I realized how much I have been missing. I am ready for this summer to help out with all of the things that can make a home look beautiful, and cannot wait until I can have a home of my own to take pride in.

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