Brian A. Palmer, Editor in Chief

A little over a year ago I sat in a restaurant with Carri discussing an idea for a reader-submitted magazine. Here we are 393 days later and our discussion, my dream has become a reality. It is difficult to believe that this has come to pass, but just as difficult to believe that we have done so much in only one year. 

The release of this issue signals a very important milestone for the staff here at Palmer Grove. This week we have completed our first volume of our magazine. Four issues of original, reader-submitted content have been compiled and released into the universe, making everyone involved a permanent part of history. Our first year was so much more than we could have expected and the next year looks to be even more amazing. 

In July we will begin Volume Two and with it more of everything that you look for and enjoy in each issue. With Volume Two we will be moving from a quarterly publication to a bi-monthly publication. This means the addition of two more issues. We are excited for the opportunity to bring more content to you more often. Also in July we will begin our new mini-publication, Palmer Grove Express.

 Palmer Grove Express will provide us with a means to provide you with more current information. We will feature community theatre performance reviews, bar and restaurant reviews, local band review, and a bevy of community event information. Being able to communicate in a more real-time manner will allow our community to grow and prepare the way for the next wave of information and entertainment from an unlimited sea of talent and inspiration. 

Come join us for the next year of excitement from Palmer Grove!

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