Welcome Update #41


Jeff Lafferty, Columnist

If you follow my columns, I write about rules that I believe people should live by in their own lives.  So, with that idea in mind, I would like to give a few rules that people should live by at this time of year. For some people it’s a very busy time with Easter just around the corner, favorite television shows are going to be getting more interesting as the season ends, and if you follow sports you have March Madness and filling out brackets. So for the rest of the month just keep these rules in mind...

10.) Make sure you have your DVR working and recording the shows that you want to see. (With the warmer weather GET OUT OF THE FREAKIN’ HOUSE AND TAKE A WALK.)

9.) Green should always be a color that you wear this time of year. (Especially on March 17th, unless you like getting pinched then wear blue and tell people that it is the actual color of St. Patrick’s Day and then it grew to green because St. Patrick is after all the patron Saint of Ireland)

8.) Parents and high school kids should already be making plans for their proms. (If you don’t go to prom then save your money for spring break and go to Cedar Point)

7.) Don’t feel guilty about what you tried to give up for lent. (We all have cheated....Somebody that said they gave up beer had to have a beer because he was stressed at work because he lost the office basketball pool because Duke lost in the first round.)

6.) Never under estimate the power that warm weather has on everybody feeling better. (That is until the humidity and higher gas prices kick in...)

5.) If you feel down just take rule #10 and DVR The Jerry Springer show. I guarantee you that you will feel better about yourself in no time because you realize that you ARE NOT ON THE SHOW.

4.) DON’T DRINK A SHAMROCK SHAKE!!!  IT’S A GIMMICK...It comes out once a year...if those things were really that good they would always be on the menu at McDonald’s

3.) Find a neighborhood kid or start reminding one of your children that mowing the yard is going to be right around the corner.

2.) Dyngus Day (If you are not aware of this day, it’s the Monday after Easter that people take the day off work or leave work early and bars open at 9-10 am in the morning so that people can have what they gave up during lent.)

1.) Start making your summer plans NOW so that you can enjoy and have a great spring and summer.

So, with that I hope everybody enjoys this time of year. It’s a really unique time of year so enjoy yourself because before you know it Easter will be here and then it’s mother’s day, memorial day, and then father’s day. Enjoy each day, have fun, and remember hope always springs eternal at this time of year.

Peace and Love,


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