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Below is a letter I wrote a few months ago, but have no way of sending it, as the Doctor mentioned is no longer with us. It never really hit me until I was much older, and with a family, how fortunate I was to have him as my doctor. Guess I should thank my parents as well for selecting him as my pediatrician. It always has amazed me how every choice we make brings us to where we are.

 Dear Dr. Seymour,

 Thank you. 

 Thank you for your insight, your vision, your care.

 Thank you for taking the time to test all of your patients, even those with no family history, and no symptoms.

 Thank you for giving me such a chance at life;

 and a family;

 and hope.

 In the summer of 1972, a young, blond-haired, blue eyed 2-year-old was brought into your office for his scheduled checkup. During the the weighing and measuring, poking and bending, a test was done that most doctors were not even considering. The young boy, and his young parents were blessed with the fortunate circumstance of you being thier pediatrician. It was your common practice to perform this test on every child in your care. His test came back positive. Despite there being no physical symptoms, or any family history whatsoever, little Cory Baker was tested positive for Diabetes. It was caught so early on that he was only required to be on 1/2 a unit of insulin a day. 

 40 years later little Cory Baker is now a man, a husband, and a father. He has only been in the hospital once because of diabetic complications. Once. Because of your test, he was given a full chance at life. Good vision, good hearing, all of his fingers and toes. All organs working properly and efficiently (minus the pancreas, of course). 40 years! 

 So I am old enough now to realize how lucky I was, how fortunate I was, and how thankful I am. 

 Thank you.

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