Welcome Update #36


Carri Bonner, Editorial Director

I cannot believe it's already mid-February. For some reason this year seems to be flying by!  So much has happened and so much more is going to happen this year I just want it to slow down and stop disappearing in a blink! 
Due to some heart issues, I had to undergo a sleep study.  While I don't know the results of it yet, I did walk away with something.  Last night, after getting all wired up and settled in a bed to kill time before they wanted me to sleep, I noticed the quiet. The pure, unadulterated quiet. In a house with three teens, a husband and a friend living with us, I don't seem to get this sense of peace and quiet. I had brought a book and a notebook and what I noticed is that in the quiet, I was finally able to think. Think like I have thought in years. 
Today, even when we have peace and quiet, it's never truly peaceful or quiet.  There's a TV on, a phone beeping with messages, a computer to attract our attention. How many of us truly take the time to sit in a quiet room, without technology, and simply contemplate our own thoughts?  I cannot remember the last time I did so before last night. 
So as we go through our normal days, take the time. Find a quiet place and take a notebook and simply think. Think about your dreams. Think about your hopes. Think about things you'd like to change. Take time to bask in memories, to wonder where those memories can take us. 
Take time to enjoy the silence.

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