Kyle Gordon, Graphic Designer

First, let me start by saying that it feels good to be home. Since we moved back to Ohio in November, we have seen just about every family member more than once. This happens to be the main reason for us moving back home. I am, and always have been, a winter person, so the seasonal change came with much anticipation. That is until this past week when we had a glimpse of a 60-degree day. 

All winter long I have been waiting to get dumped on by snow and have those wonderful winter days that only a Christmas card can envision. I couldn’t help reminiscing about shoveling the driveway and having to thaw my car 20 minutes before I needed to drive anywhere. And here we are in February and we have only had one decent snow. That’s it; a pitiful display of “the fluffy white stuff”. And then out of nowhere we are all reminded of nicer weather when Mother Nature decides to grace us with a beautiful 60-degree day. 

Now I’m torn. I wanted to have a lot of snow, but now more than ever I am hoping that we don’t have any more cold days. In other words, I miss the Florida weather. I am ready to have the warm weather back so I can grill out and take my son on walks and not be cooped up inside on the typical gloomy and cold, but snowless, Ohio days. So, please Mother Nature… bring on the sunshine. We’re all patiently waiting.

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