Rachel Flesch, Artistic Director

Writing the New Year’s update is something I greatly anticipated doing. I've been blogging for about ten years now and I always do a New Year’s update. Usually it consists of my resolutions; most of which simply carry over to the next year as I, without a doubt, always fail to complete them. This year though is different, it's a new year and I have one resolution; stop making resolutions. To me the definition of resolution should be: a goal I would love to achieve and could, but won't put the effort into because it's not a serious goal.

 I didn't even spend my time ringing in the New Year in any of my former traditional fashions. Growing up we always went over to my great aunt’s home to celebrate with all the cousins (I have a large Italian family). As we grew older and apart though my parents opted to do late night movies as a new tradition; that's how I saw the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy. Then a few years back my friends and I started the tradition of gathering around and doing a White Elephant exchange, partaking in yummy food, and of course our competitive nature demanded board games. For anyone who doesn't know a White Elephant exchange is where you wrap up your unwanted junk... I mean your shiniest objects that you want to give to a better home. Then everyone draws a number and goes in order, you can either steal from someone who went before you or pick a gift from the mystery pile. It's always great fun, and we have a group of siblings notorious for re-gifting things from past years and making sure to wrap them nicely to trick people. There is always the option, however of wrapping them in beat up pop can boxes with news paper wrapping paper that only fits halfway around. You never know what you'll get you may end up with the plastic lawn crow that's been passed around for four years and has earned the name Chad, or you could end up with something entirely not-so-new like two Super Soakers from the late 90's!

 While I did get to participate in the exchange, the majority of my New Year was spent at my church's parsonage trying to help them get a large fridge through a tiny door frame on the condition that if I could get it out I could have it. You see I'm moving into a new home this week, it'll be my first time on my own and while it's slightly frightening I look forward to it. The place needs a little TLC, and I can't wait to begin turning it into a comfortable and lovely home.

 The main reason I resolved not to have any resolutions this year is because the only resolution I accomplished from last year is the one to move out. Ironically I was completing that process as the clock ticked down to midnight. It felt refreshing, and yet it made me realize what silly things resolutions are. Had it not been occurring on New Year’s I probably would have never remembered it was one of my resolutions. What I'm getting at is what I started with, resolutions are pointless. Regardless of if you make them or not change will occur. Sure you can push it along, but some things just fall into your lap. You can't always control life, and the changes that take place. Sometimes you just have to let things go as they need to and allow your resolutions to resolve themselves.

 May your new year be filled with achievable goals, not back burner resolutions!

 Happy New Years to all our wonderful readers!

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