Rebekah Slotterbeck, Artistic Director
“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds you plant.”   -   Robert Louis Stevenson
Planting seeds of inspiration and creativity are goals of our talented, motivated, and artistic group. We wish to be founders and keepers of a lively community of participating readers, local artists and individuals who have a special story to share.
Our Editor in Chief, Brian, has given us the opportunity to express ourselves through words and images for everyone to discover. If you are a writer, poet, or have passion for the arts, please share your talents with our readers and us by submitting original work.
Through personal stories, diy articles and local artwork, (among other categories) our desire to connect with the community will be met. Join us on our quest of freedom to create the extraordinary, the timeless, and unforgettable Palmer Grove magazine! Log onto www.palmergrove.comMonday, July 4, 2011 to see our premier issue, then comment and ask questions about the articles and topics.

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