Welcome Update #27


Kat Bonner, Staff Artist

My homework for the weekend was to write a six word memoir. For those who have never heard of a six word memoir, the objective is to write a memoir about a pivotal time in your life, or your life as it is now, in exactly six words. Here are a few examples: "for sale: baby shoes, never worn," "after Harvard, had baby with crackhead," and "a good vinaigrette saved my life". 

My only problem is that I have no idea what to write, nor do I like writing about myself in the first place. How do I sum my life up in a matter of words? I haven't had a blatant, pivotal point in my life other than moving; I'm only 17 after all. I also don't want my memoir to be another angst-ridden, "my life is so hard" teenage rant, because my life really isn't. 

I have friends, a family, a wonderful home and I know where I'm going for college. What could I even rant about? If I was writing about my life right now, the memoir would be something along the lines of "eat food, do homework, now sleep", but that's kind of depressing, boring and only accurate on weekdays. I would write about what I want my future to be, but that isn't a memoir. Otherwise "will clean teeth for nice shoes" would be my first and only choice. So here I am, stuck with a six word head ache and an empty notebook page.

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