Welcome Update #24


Kyle Gordon, Graphic Designer

As I sit here wondering what I should write about, my mind is overflowing with thoughts of new chapters that we 
experience throughout our lifetime. Boxes stacked upon boxes, full of knick-knacks and possessions that made our house a home in Florida make it nearly impossible to concentrate on what else needs to be done. But one thing won’t depart from my mind: I am going to be a father. 

Amidst all of the frustration and confusion that goes with moving across the country, or anywhere for that matter, I am greeted with much wonder about the next chapter of my life. In particular, what it will feel like to hold my child for the first time. I can’t begin to fathom how much love I will feel from the moment our child is born. This child will bring a whole new dimension and meaning of love into our family. Finally, the biggest sense of accomplishment is less than a month away from showing his/her beautiful face. And with so much uncertainty about the coming months concerning where we will live, work, or how our daily routines will drastically change, one thing remains certain through all of it. Our child will be surrounded by so much love from our family and friends in Ohio and I can honestly say that it feels good to finally be home.

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