Welcome Update #2


Carri Bonner, Editorial Director
Wow! Only 6 very short weeks and our premier issue will be out! There’s still so much to do and plenty of room for 
When Brian approached me about this project, I was immediately drawn in by his enthusiasm and his thoroughness. This wasn’t just an “off-the-cuff” idea for him – it was something that he spent some time thinking out, organizing and doing everything he could to maximize its success. I was impressed with his business plan and began to believe, that like him, I could definitely add to this venture.
So I sit here proudly, working with Brian and Rebekkah to bring you our first issue. Am I nervous? Yep, I’m positively terrified. See, this has been my dream as well. Not just to write and be published on a regular basis, but to be part of encouraging other writers and artists.
I am looking forward to the submissions for each issue, getting to know the writers that contribute, and being part of them realizing their own dreams. I’m looking forward to be a part of bringing people’s writings and arts to the public. I am looking forward to giving them a forum to express their thoughts, views, ideas and opinions. I am looking forward to entertaining, informing, and listening to our reader community.

I am looking forward to the future of Palmer Grove.

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