Welcome Update #19


Brian A. Palmer, Editor in Chief

The holidays are traditionally a happy time of year. It is a time for friends and family to gather. A time to express how much you care. A time for eating way too much food. For me, this is also a time to remember all that is gone. 

I think of the family that is missing from each gathering. The empty chair and unheard laughs. I consider where they are now. Do they know which holiday we are celebrating? Do they miss us? Are they enjoying them with us? I tell myself that some of the mountain on my plate is for them.

 I think about how I have changed from year to year. I remember the five year old boy who was overly excited by everything but would not allow red paint on his nose for the Christmas Pageant. The twelve year-old boy who realized that toys never work in real life the way that they do on television. The teen who was full of hope for what was to come. The nearing thirty man who is missing the holidays long past. 

Although I understand that things can never be as they were, I do feel that it is a good practice to look back and remember how things were. In the midst of the impending hustle and bustle, stop and take a moment to remember how the holidays made you feel when you were younger. Maybe taking this time will help to bring a little of what has been missing back to the magic of the season.

10/03/2011 01:25

Very nicely written, enjoy the memory of yesterday and the dreams it brought. But face the reality of what life brings.


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