Welcome Update #16


Carri Bonner, Editorial Director

Honoring the Memory of 9/11: Have You? 

Ten years ago, our lives were changed irrevocably. Ten years ago, on a bright, sunny September morning, the unthinkable happened and our lives would never be the same. I could rehash what happened, but to do so is repetitive. It’s ingrained in our minds forever. We will never forget that morning or the aftermath of it. For many of us, it was the first time we felt something of this magnitude on our own soil, in our own backyard, so to speak.  Police officers, firemen and EMS workers became heroes once again, as our generation had let them slip to “ordinary people” status. The people of United Flight 93 showed us what sacrifice and true love is as they gave the ultimate gift for the lives of many. 

For many of us, it was the first time we truly felt our patriotism rear its head. For many of us, it was the first time we truly felt outrage, despair, and hopelessness regarding our nationality. For many of us, we vowed to make more of our lives: to cherish, to love, to live, to celebrate more.  We vowed to follow our dreams and to respect the life we still had, when so many had lost their hopes and dreams. 

We started honoring our service members more so than ever again, cheering them as they headed off to war against an almost invisible enemy. We thanked them when they came home, acknowledging their sacrifice and the sacrifice of their family. Many of us vowed to help them more, sending care-packages overseas, volunteering at places where their families gathered. 

As we sat, glued to our television sets, tears streaming from our eyes as we watched the hopelessness and chaos unfold before us, we vowed to be better. To be more American, to be better parents, to be better spouses, to honor those around us. As we watched the rescue workers dig frantically for those buried, as we saw husbands, wives, mothers, and fathers grieve as they described their missing loved one, we promised that we would never take life for granted again. As we boarded planes in fear, altered travel plans, accepted the way we view life as forever changed, we vowed to get our strength back, to move forward, and to be a stronger nation. 

Now, I ask you, have you?  Have you truly honored the promises and vows we made that day? Have you moved forward in positivity and hope or allowed the petty things in life to get you down?  Have you followed even just one dream or have you allowed them to fall to the side and get lost in the mundane repetition of life? Have you celebrated even one small thing and not just the major life events? 

Today I challenge you, as you remember those that have fallen, do something to celebrate their lives.  One thing, today, to remind yourself that you are alive and you appreciate their sacrifice. Take one step toward following a dream. If you have always wanted to write, write one sentence today. If you have always wanted to act, stand in front of the mirror and act out one scene today. If you have always wanted to give back more, find one way to do so today, donate one can of food to a food bank, give a bag of old clothes to a homeless shelter. 

Take that step today. And thank those that died today for the inspiration, the drive, and the motivation to remind us to be “more” than what we were ten years ago. 

Honor the loss of their lives by living ours, without fear, without negativity, and without weakness. Rest in peace, our hearts will never forget you. 

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