Rebekah Slotterbeck, Artistic Director

Very soon the leaves will change from green to hues of red, orange and yellow. Beautiful treetops painted in colors of the fall season remind me of the year to come and the changes it will bring. The fall season for me is the season of reflection and consideration for the future..

As the trees become bare and slip into their dormant state, I realize it is time to prepare myself for the coming year. The winter season is often when I like to make tentative plans and evaluate my goals, both short term and long term, to see if I am on track and how I can accomplish these goals.

This year as I reflect, Palmer Grove will be a grand achievement for all involved to celebrate! Many possibilities will be circulating through my mind regarding the magazine and the creative potential. A few goals for the coming year would include the expansion of our staff and attracting a wide range of readers and supporters. It’s a very exciting to see the seasons change and prepare for an even better year to come!

As a community, Palmer Grove is still developing and needs refreshing new material for the coming year. Please, send stories and artwork or leave comments. 

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