Welcome Update #14


Aaron Smith, Administrative Assistant

Some sleep in, and some are up running in the morning, which are you? I can say that I am up and then I am up running the rest of the day. Life is full of choices, so choose wisely! So in the end, I am a busy body always have something up my sleeve and working on something in my mind. That being said, as this week approaches it is coming close to the end for our submissions for the next issue. Now remember this issue is mainly our holiday issue, and covers a multitude of areas happening in the following months. So this magazine could be an essential item in the following months.

As we work to compile the works of many writers and artists, some things I would like to make clear. This is a magazine that is trying to build it's foundation on the freeing of one's mind and by being a place for all to find a safe area to write and express your opinion. For any one that has something to say, almost regardless of the topic, please let us know and let's continue to be able to express out opinions freely. 

Also as we move on we are looking to have this magazine move to a printable version, but this is alas something for the future. To reach this goal we are asking that if you find this something you truly like, please join in subscribing to us, contributing, or even wishing to take another job. We are looking to begin to advertise products that could help us reach our goal, so with that being said, take a look at our featured jobs to see if any suit you, as well as emailing any of us for further information on anything that you are wanting to know. I myself would be happy to assist you, as would any other staffer I am sure. 

Until the next time, enjoy your days, and if I would say anything, live your days to the fullest, and if you want to try or do something, why not start now? Take a chance and you may end up finding something that you end up loving. 

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