Welcome Update #12


Rachel Flesch, Graphic Designer

The past month has been a whirlwind of growth for me. On my birthday I made the decision to move on from retail, and find a place that allowed for more permanent career development. It took me exactly a week to square away a brand new job with an excellent, and largely known corporation, and two weeks after that I was saying farewell to retail.

 At first it was weird. I had a week off between jobs and I haven't done anything for the past three years that wasn't already scheduled out for me. As I've told everyone, "well it gave me seven days to stare at the walls and watch through every season of Buffy." Slowly though I've assimilated. I started my new job today, and needless to say it's where I belong. I can finally wake up in the morning and worry about what I have to wear rather than just asking myself, "So, the red polo or the red tee today?" I can go into a place where I can get lost before I ever find my desk. I HAVE A DESK! Yay! That one made me really happy. It's the first time I've felt like an adult; that I can really say I now have a "big girl job."

 I really thought I'd be with my last job for a while. Things change though, one day you're going through the motions content where you are. Next thing you know you realize you don't want to be content; you want to be challenged, and to really make your mark. It's hard going into somewhere new where I know practically no one. 

Palmer Grove has been more so the plate to my cake. It lifted the cake off the table so it could stand tall. It was sort of that thing which helped propel me into new prospects. I kept a narrow field of vision at my last job, never really feeling comfortable stepping outside of the box. Getting involved with everyone here has made me realize there's more to life than what is in my comfort zone. I just need to go out there, and expand my comfort zone into new areas. Just like a new pillow, it'll take some time to break it in, but I'll get there. It also helped me find that there is more to me. I have more potential than I sometimes give myself credit for, not to toot my own horn, but I know I have the drive. I just have to take control of the wheel rather than sitting idly by and letting cruise control do its thing.

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