Welcome Update #10


Rebekah Slotterbeck, Artistic Director
Palmer Grove is here! 

Since the start up of Palmer Grove, I have continued to work a full time job and go to school. At times my schedule is unbelievably busy (as I’m sure many readers can relate), but it is very important to make time for the things you most enjoy in life. I’m very passionate about art, in discovering new media, and its deeper meanings. It is very fulfilling to be a part of something so special. 
 I am especially grateful to be working with amazing, uplifting individuals. The motivation that this community provides keeps the inspiration alive for the future. It is the positive approach and caring nature of the members that makes 
this experience so exceptional. 

The community is growing, but we are still searching for talented writers and artists to expand even further. Please, 
feel free to make submissions about the issues and topics you are passionate about. It is not only great exposure, but also an outlet and outreach for yourself and others.

Thank you, to all the participants and supporters of Palmer Grove for a wonderful first issue! I look forward to the next and hope to receive feedback from everyone.

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