Welcome Update #1


Brian A. Palmer, Editor in Chief
As I sit here in the dark of my apartment, pondering what thoughts to bear across the page, I am struck by the awesomeness of the situation. I am actually doing what I have dreamed of. In as little as forty-nine days I will be publishing the premier issue of my first magazine. I still find it impossible to believe.
I have always been the person who has a million dreams and plans and schemes, but I have never once been able to follow through or finish any. I have always sat and watched others do and wish that I could live the same. Now I am.
Carri and Rebekah, Editorial and Artistic Directors respectively, are much responsible for our upcoming success. Each have taken personal ownership of their departments and are breathing such life into this publication that I had not believed possible. At this point, I believe that there is not a thing that we cannot accomplish.

Now, we are privileged to welcome our new Administrative Assistant Aaron to the staff of Palmer Grove. Aaron has been a longtime associate that has always impressed me with his dedication, professionalism, and creativity. His energy will be a much appreciated asset to our group.
The premier issue will be released on Monday, July 4, 2011 at 8:00 AM at www.palmergrove.com. Accordingly, the theme of this issue is independence. We are officially proclaiming our independence from the ordinary, the conventional, and the mainstream. We will focus each issue on the everyman, on the topics that matter to you and will help to enrich, inspire, and challenge your everyday lives. And we welcome you to join us!
Do you have something that you would like to share with the world? Now is the time and here is the place. Palmer Grove: Read, Write, Discover.
For more information please contact us at information@palmergrove.com. To submit your work for inclusion in our next issue, please contact us at submission@palmergrove.com.

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