Aaron Smith, Administrative Assistant

The weather is changing every five days. One day your hot and the next day your cold. Guess what? You are in Ohio. As the seasons change, you also go through a similar change. The weather becomes cold and nature tends to go into a deep sleep, some people share this experience as well. Not to say that they are checking out, but they are just mentally preparing themselves for what’s next.

Holidays, family functions, and the never ending “gimme, gimme, I want, I want,” will start echoing not only in daily life, but will continue to haunt you in your dreams. It's time to save, stock up like animals, and get ready for the long road ahead. 

Keeping this in mind, it’s time to think start thinking about what you are going to do with the cold months ahead. You could sit inside and watch television mindlessly, or you could do something worthwhile. Try donating your time to someone who needs it, or simply take a look at what you have done, where you are, and what you are want to do. Stop and reflect on what life has done for you, and consider how you have given back to life. 

Now think about an opportunity that lets you escape the world we live in. Taking a trip doing something that could do wonders for you, as in creative writing. Being able to write or express yourself in a way that no one can judge, being able to get feelings and experiences out that are weighing you down, and even feel better after doing so. 

It doesn't have to be creative writing, but anything that will allow you to express yourself. Try cooking, baking, taking pictures, writing, drawing, or anything that lets you be you and be able to express yourself freely without restrictions.

Does this sound appealing? Do you want to just dig right in? Well, this is the place to do just that. At Palmer Grove you can do just that without restrictions. Take a look at what we have accomplished and think about what we can accomplish with your help. Let’s build an environment where anything can be achieved with hard work and creative energy.

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