Welcome Update #60


Kyle Gordon, Graphic Designer

I moved back to Ohio almost a year ago for the birth of my son and so we could be close to family. Over the last couple months my wife and I have been struggling to find other reasons why we should stay in Ohio. Of course the obvious reasons are still there; family, Ohio State Football, etc. Still, we need more than that. My wife and I are both from Ohio and knew nothing of living in a different local. After living in Florida for two years and having the luxury of going outside and being active year-round, it is making it very difficult to want to stay in Ohio. 

Don’t get me wrong, the people of Ohio are one of a kind and it feels good to be around normal people. Floridians felt so superficial, but trying to come up with ideas of what can keep us busy over the next six months is proving to be very difficult. Aside from Buckeye football games and fairs/festivals, it seems like I should be preparing to hibernate until next April. 

This is why I am going to rely on you, the readers, to help me and my family out. We need great ideas to keep our active family preoccupied during the “Big Freeze” so we don’t think about life back in Florida so much. If you have any fun things to do or places to go, email your ideas to gordonk@palmergrove.com and hopefully you can come up with some great things to make us want to continue to live in the great state of Ohio. 
Kyle Gordon, Graphic Designer

This weekend will be the third time I have ever been turkey hunting down in Meigs County, Ohio. My anticipation is through the roof. All week long I have been going through all of my hunting things and packing what is necessary for the trip. At this point, I should probably identify myself and let the readers know I am not some sort of country bumpkin. I was born in raised in Columbus, Ohio, but I envy all who grew up in the country more than anything. 

This week has also been about reflections. I started to think about how I even decided to give hunting a “shot”(pun intended). My senior year of college, I had a roommate that was from the sticks down in Pomeroy, Ohio. Never been hunting before, I decided to accept the invite and from that point on I was addicted. Don’t ask me how if you have never been. Of course I got lucky and bagged my first deer, but that was only the beginning. My love for hunting grew each time I went down. 

There’s something about the peacefulness of sitting in the middle of nowhere in the woods and relaxing. Yes. I said it. Hunting is relaxing. Being from the city, I never really had a clue about how serene and quiet it could be in some places in the world. Lawnmowers, semi trucks, cars, trains and all kinds of noisy distractions had consumed my life before I started hunting. Now, more than ever I want to buy land someplace in Ohio and be so far away from the typical city sounds. While hunting, the only sounds I could hear were an occasional rooster crow when the sun was coming up and maybe a few squirrels running through the woods. I was completely stress-free. 

I have always been a very good sleeper, but the night before we go hunting I am unable to suppress my excitement. Compare it to the feeling of the night before you leave to go on a cruise or a vacation to your favorite spot. You’re lucky if you can even get a wink of sleep. So even if you’re not into killing for sport, at least go if you are given the opportunity. You may surprise yourself at how enjoyable it can be to just get away from the city and do a little bit of hiking to a special place that hasn’t been touched by humans for years.

Welcome Update #45


Kyle Gordon, Graphic Designer

In the past week I have done more physical labor than I have in the last five years. Having lived in apartments where everything is already done for you, it’s easy to forget things that you used to do to make a home look better. Out of sight, out of mind. No yard work to do. No maintenance to fix anything. If anything needs done, I have a number in my phone to call someone to have it done. 

This past week my father went to South Carolina for vacation and asked if we could look after the place. No problem. After two days of him being gone I realized that the grass wasn't going to cut itself. So, I hopped on the mower and finished mowing in a little over an hour. Immediately after seeing the end result of the yard, my veins pumped with a rushing feeling of accomplishment. I had developed a certain pride that can only come with being a home owner. 

I was hooked. I looked around and saw what else had to be done. Starting with a silver maple tree in our front yard. The tree's roots had started to grow underneath the house and was very close to damaging my father's home. I decided to take on the 40ft tree until it was completely gone. It took me nearly all week using only a hand saw, hatchet, and an axe. But by week's end, all that was left of the silent threat was a small stump. A feeling of completion and self worth had completely engulfed me and I was ready for whatever else needed to be done. 

Long story short, I once thought of how fortunate I was to have someone else to contact so I wouldn't have to do anything like this. But now I realized how much I have been missing. I am ready for this summer to help out with all of the things that can make a home look beautiful, and cannot wait until I can have a home of my own to take pride in.
Kyle Gordon, Graphic Designer

First, let me start by saying that it feels good to be home. Since we moved back to Ohio in November, we have seen just about every family member more than once. This happens to be the main reason for us moving back home. I am, and always have been, a winter person, so the seasonal change came with much anticipation. That is until this past week when we had a glimpse of a 60-degree day. 

All winter long I have been waiting to get dumped on by snow and have those wonderful winter days that only a Christmas card can envision. I couldn’t help reminiscing about shoveling the driveway and having to thaw my car 20 minutes before I needed to drive anywhere. And here we are in February and we have only had one decent snow. That’s it; a pitiful display of “the fluffy white stuff”. And then out of nowhere we are all reminded of nicer weather when Mother Nature decides to grace us with a beautiful 60-degree day. 

Now I’m torn. I wanted to have a lot of snow, but now more than ever I am hoping that we don’t have any more cold days. In other words, I miss the Florida weather. I am ready to have the warm weather back so I can grill out and take my son on walks and not be cooped up inside on the typical gloomy and cold, but snowless, Ohio days. So, please Mother Nature… bring on the sunshine. We’re all patiently waiting.

Welcome Update #24


Kyle Gordon, Graphic Designer

As I sit here wondering what I should write about, my mind is overflowing with thoughts of new chapters that we 
experience throughout our lifetime. Boxes stacked upon boxes, full of knick-knacks and possessions that made our house a home in Florida make it nearly impossible to concentrate on what else needs to be done. But one thing won’t depart from my mind: I am going to be a father. 

Amidst all of the frustration and confusion that goes with moving across the country, or anywhere for that matter, I am greeted with much wonder about the next chapter of my life. In particular, what it will feel like to hold my child for the first time. I can’t begin to fathom how much love I will feel from the moment our child is born. This child will bring a whole new dimension and meaning of love into our family. Finally, the biggest sense of accomplishment is less than a month away from showing his/her beautiful face. And with so much uncertainty about the coming months concerning where we will live, work, or how our daily routines will drastically change, one thing remains certain through all of it. Our child will be surrounded by so much love from our family and friends in Ohio and I can honestly say that it feels good to finally be home.