Welcome Update #13


Emily Flesch, Photgraphic Designer

Wow, the months are flying by! I was sitting here trying to decide what I was going to write and, on top of that, I was trying to figure out how to schedule meetings on Palmer Grove’s system. Then, it hit me! I decided to write about my struggles with technology. 

Palmer Grove has been such an exciting opportunity for me! I’ve always loved photography and now I’m finally getting the chance to use it for more than just taking pictures of friends and animals. So naturally, I was very excited when I was asked to join the Palmer Grove Team as their Photographic Designer. 

However, my struggle lies with the frequent use of emailing/scheduling tools, etc. I hardly know anything when it comes to computers. Other than how to check my email and Facebook, I’m totally lost with them. 

Though it’s a lot of new things for me to get used to and figure out right now, I’m excited because I’m learning something new all the time with Palmer Grove! I know soon I’ll be more educated in these areas of technology and I’m excited for when that time will come! For now, I’ll just deal with my ignorance of technology.