Brian A. Palmer, Editor in Chief

Every issue I sit in my office and stare at this blank page. I ponder the words that I should write and worry over the message I wish to deliver to you. I often fear that the lines that I write will fall on deaf ears or possibly on no ears at all. This issue is no different.

Back in April I was asked to speak at a summit in November and I gladly accepted. I have tossed around a few ideas, but haven’t currently spent any time to really develop my material. Well, today I received an email requesting a copy of my intended outline. Now the pressure to plan ahead and develop a powerful, inspirational presentation has been turned up a little higher.

In addition to the release of this issue of Palmer Grove, the staff of Generation Voices Publications is also celebrating the release of the premier issue of our second publication, Underscore. Releasing two unique publications at the same time is something that we have been working toward for a while, but was more of an undertaking than we had anticipated. Successfully producing dual publications; the pressure continues to rise.

September also ushers in the opening of our new graphics company, GVP Graphics. This allows us to provide our talents and expertise to a wide variety of organizations and businesses. It is amazing to me that we have arrived at this point in our development so soon. Developing a growing graphics firm builds onto the already mounting pressure of running two full fledge magazines.

Over the past few weeks, I have had the opportunity to discuss all that I do with a number of individuals. Near the end of each conversation, I am always asked the same question; “How do you do it all?” There are times that I wonder the same thing. Still, the answer is very easy for me to find. You are the reason that I do all that I do, no matter the weight of the pressure that these commitments may bring.

Every reader, artist, writer, poet, photographer, and contributor provides me with endless inspiration. When I have the opportunity to speak with those who have contributed to the previous issues and hear the stories of the reception that they receive for their works, my heart is lightened and my soul smiles. Knowing that this work provides what may be the only outlet for someone’s voice is all the motivation that I need to power on through the next struggle. I hope that this community means as much to you and that you may find a home here!

Welcome Update #59


Brian A. Palmer, Editor in Chief

Today is my birthday. I have successfully completed my 29th full revolution around the sun. It is hard to believe that I am in my last year of my twenties and that my thirties begin next year. The past decade has been fun, but I am more than ready to begin a new chapter. 

I was speaking with a friend the other day about this and she commented that nothing really changes with a birthday, that it is just another day. Although this is true, it is more what the birthday can mean. For me, it is a checkpoint. It is an easily remembered day every year where I can stop and reevaluate what has happened and what I what to happen. 

The past year has had many ups and downs. I saw the release of my first magazine. I moved into a new home. I started a new career. I have had the opportunity to work with many wonderful people on this project; some still here while some have moved on. 

As I move into the next year I plan to focus on all of the amazing things yet to come. In September we will see the results of the first ever Palmer Grove Photo Contest and the entries thus far have been incredible. September will also be the release of the next issue of Palmer Grove as well as the new GVP publication Underscore. GVP Graphics will be released in the next month and beginning next week all of the current and previous issues of Palmer Grove will be available in the Kindle store. 

It is hard to believe that we have come this far this quickly and I am ecstatic to see what lies in store for us over the next year. 

If you like what we do, we would love to have you join our staff of creative and amazing individuals. Check out our available positions here!
Brian A. Palmer, Editor in Chief

It’s almost hard to believe that it has been a year since I composed my first update. So much has changed, and yet so much is still the same. Our staff has grown and changed many times over the past year. Contributors have come and gone and the works they create never cease to amaze. With all of the change and flow it becomes that much more amazing that this publication maintains one voice with one clear goal. 

Since the beginning the main focus of Palmer Grove has been to create a community of writers and artists that can come together to celebrate the works of each other’s hands. I have seen hundreds of works cross my desk and I have been able to meet dozens of the most creative people and I am excited to see what is waiting up around the bend. 

The current issue marks the beginning of a new volume and a new chapter for Palmer Grove. We are holding our first-ever photo contest (see the back cover for more details) this year. We have begun review local eateries (page 08) and musicians (page 42) and over the next year we will be featuring reviews of other local performances and events.

 It is only with your help and your dedication that we are able to continue to do this work that we love. Please submit a work for consideration for the next issue of Palmer Grove (deadline is Friday, August 3, 2012 at 10:00 P.M. EST) or tell your friends and family about us. The more people that we can reach the better we can promote the works of the artists we serve. 

Thank you for the past year of support and we look forward to working with you for many years to come!
Brian A. Palmer, Editor in Chief

A little over a year ago I sat in a restaurant with Carri discussing an idea for a reader-submitted magazine. Here we are 393 days later and our discussion, my dream has become a reality. It is difficult to believe that this has come to pass, but just as difficult to believe that we have done so much in only one year. 

The release of this issue signals a very important milestone for the staff here at Palmer Grove. This week we have completed our first volume of our magazine. Four issues of original, reader-submitted content have been compiled and released into the universe, making everyone involved a permanent part of history. Our first year was so much more than we could have expected and the next year looks to be even more amazing. 

In July we will begin Volume Two and with it more of everything that you look for and enjoy in each issue. With Volume Two we will be moving from a quarterly publication to a bi-monthly publication. This means the addition of two more issues. We are excited for the opportunity to bring more content to you more often. Also in July we will begin our new mini-publication, Palmer Grove Express.

 Palmer Grove Express will provide us with a means to provide you with more current information. We will feature community theatre performance reviews, bar and restaurant reviews, local band review, and a bevy of community event information. Being able to communicate in a more real-time manner will allow our community to grow and prepare the way for the next wave of information and entertainment from an unlimited sea of talent and inspiration. 

Come join us for the next year of excitement from Palmer Grove!

Welcome Update #38


Brian A. Palmer, Editor in Chief

A year ago this week I was finishing preparations to make Palmer Grove public. It is so hard to believe that twelve months have come and gone so quickly. The staff has grown from three to eight people, we are finalizing our fourth and final issue for volume one, and are beginning to plan for the next year. It is in moments like these that I feel that it is important to take a moment to reevaluate the past and realign the future. 

The past year has held so many wonderful moments. We released our first issue on July 4, 2011 and received such an outpour of love and support. We have seen staff members come and go. We held our first ever holiday shoot. We have spent countless hours discussing, planning, debating, and laughing over every issue.

 I would like to take a moment to thank the Generation Voices staff, both past and present. Without your love, dedication, and service this publication would not be possible. It is to each of you that I owe the success of my dream. I can only hope that someday you will each understand the depth of my gratitude and awe for everything that you have done. And also thank you for tolerating me discussing random ideas without stopping, ever. 

Moving from here, we have so much planned for volume two of Palmer Grove. We will be revisiting some of the features that were successful in volume one as well as introducing new and exciting features, offers, contests, and communities. Keep visiting throughout the following year for up-to-date information. 

There is still time for you to be involved in volume one. The deadline for submission to the April 9, 2012 issue is this Friday, March 2, 2012 at 10:00 PM [EST]. We also have a variety of staff positions available if you would like to become more involved.

 Thank you again to all of our readers, contributors, staff, friends and family. Without each of you this would not be possible.
Brian A. Palmer, Editor in Chief

It is official! The latest edition is here and is our best issue yet. Now it is time to start thinking about the next issue of Palmer Grove and this time we need you more than ever to make this issue better than the others. 

Our April issue will be our fashion issue. We will be covering independently owned boutiques and online stores that provide a unique style to their clients. There will be fashion tips and secrets. We will also be introducing the first annual Palmer Grove Fashion Project. 

The Palmer Grove Fashion Project will provide an opportunity for new and aspiring designers to introduce their unique vision. All interested participants will submit their designs. The highest scoring designs will appear in April issue of Palmer Grove. After the release of this issue, readers will be able to vote on their favorite designers.

 If you or someone you know would like to enter in The Palmer Grove Fashion Project, or if you would like more information, please visit today!

Welcome Update #23


Brian A. Palmer, Editor in Chief

Disappointment is something that we all have to deal with. It is uncomfortable and disheartening, but it is also a good thing. I recently interviewed for a new position with a company that I work with. As you can guess, I did not receive the position. At first I was upset and angry. I had been sure that I had earned the position and looked forward to starting it even though I had tried not to. 

As I dealt with my disappointment I began to realize how positive not getting what I wanted can actually be. The process of interviewing forces you to analyze yourself and your abilities. By doing this you are able to spot your weaknesses and develop ways to improve and overcome them. You are also forced to face the areas that you succeed in. This can sometimes be harder to do, but being able to acknowledge your achievements can help to motivate you to continue to achieve in the future. 

Lastly, not getting what you want leaves you open to receiving greater things that you could imagine. When I was at the end of my freshman year in high school I auditioned to be the field commander for our marching band. I did not win the position and I was very disappointed. Then three months later my family moved to a different town and I was forced to change schools. At my new school I was exposed to many more opportunities and experiences than I ever could have had at my first high school. By not winning the position in the band I was left with nothing holding me back to the school and prevented the director from being forced to find a last minute replacement. 

The next time you are facing disappointment, take a moment to consider the upside of the downside.

Welcome Update #19


Brian A. Palmer, Editor in Chief

The holidays are traditionally a happy time of year. It is a time for friends and family to gather. A time to express how much you care. A time for eating way too much food. For me, this is also a time to remember all that is gone. 

I think of the family that is missing from each gathering. The empty chair and unheard laughs. I consider where they are now. Do they know which holiday we are celebrating? Do they miss us? Are they enjoying them with us? I tell myself that some of the mountain on my plate is for them.

 I think about how I have changed from year to year. I remember the five year old boy who was overly excited by everything but would not allow red paint on his nose for the Christmas Pageant. The twelve year-old boy who realized that toys never work in real life the way that they do on television. The teen who was full of hope for what was to come. The nearing thirty man who is missing the holidays long past. 

Although I understand that things can never be as they were, I do feel that it is a good practice to look back and remember how things were. In the midst of the impending hustle and bustle, stop and take a moment to remember how the holidays made you feel when you were younger. Maybe taking this time will help to bring a little of what has been missing back to the magic of the season.

10/03/2011 01:25

Very nicely written, enjoy the memory of yesterday and the dreams it brought. But face the reality of what life brings.

Brian A. Palmer, Editor in Chief

Welcome to Palmer Grove. Within this site you will find the beginning of what promises to become a large, intimate community. This site represents a place where aspiring writers, journalists, artists, photographers, and enthusiasts can congregate in an atmosphere of acceptance and understanding. It is here that we have the opportunity to put our hidden talents on display and test out new and experimental works. 

The fact that the staff of Palmer Grove has chosen to release its premier issue on Independence Day is no coincidence. We have specifically chosen this date as a metaphor for what we hope to achieve. Our primary mission is to declare independence from what is expected and accepted in modern periodicals. Within our features you will not find any propagation of the mainstream. Instead, you will find common people expressing their interest in 
very uncommon ways. 

 This expression is not limited to this publication. Throughout our website you will find expanded content for all that is included in the current issue. As time progress, we will be adding discussion forums where you can communicate directly with the authors and artists featured within the magazine, video interviews and instructional, pages where you can get to know the staff and communicate directly with them, and much, much more.
 As we continue through this summer and enjoy our vacations and holidays, let us also maintain our focus on the everyday areas of our lives. Each day find a little time where you can try out new hobbies or venture deeper into ones you already enjoy. Keep your childlike wonder a part of all that you take joy in. It is in these moments that we most experience joy, contentment, and fulfillment.   
 Over the next few months, Palmer Grove will begin to compile our Holiday Issue. As we do so, we need your help. We need you to help spread the word about Palmer Grove and this community. We need more artists and writers to 
bring their work to the table. If you or someone you know has anything that they would like to contribute, visit to submit it for inclusion in the next issue. Also, visit the site each week for updates from the Palmer Grove staff on the current issue, upcoming events, and other goings on.
 Thank you for choosing to be a part of this momentous journey and we welcome you to the Palmer Grove community.

Welcome Update #7


Brian A. Palmer, Editor in Chief

We are officially one week from the premier of Palmer Grove. I am more excited than I could ever begin to express. However, with this excitement comes a healthy dose of fear and apprehension. I have never been much of a risk taker. I so not like rollercoasters. I will never skydive or bungee jump. The mere idea of gambling makes my head spin. The riskiest thing that I have ever done is to drive through a yellow light. Still, here we are.

 I have heard it said that the most rewarding things in life come with great risk. The biggest return in the stock market will always come from more risky investments. Recently I have also heard that this endeavor is fruitless and a waste of time. That my focus is misplaced in a venture that provides no immediate monetary gain.

 Normally this would be enough to cripple  me and give me reason to retreat into my comfort zone and to continue to play things safe. Not this time. I can see that this is more than a magazine. The staff of Palmer Grove are working to help create a community of writers, poets, artists, photographers, and enthusiasts that draw together to share with and be inspired by one another. One day this community will grow and help to provide ways for the next generation to change the ways that we approach literature and art.

 This is why we are here. This is why we volunteer our time and our talents. This is why we are sacrificing some time with our loved ones. This is why I am daily forcing myself out of my comfort zone, ignoring the nay-Sayers, and taking the biggest risk of my life.

 This is for us.